Wetherbee’s Unofficial is good old fashioned family company: a brother and sister (the Wetherbee’s!) and their respective partners. We like to keep Wu Tang money in the family.


Lauren Wetherbee had been teaching test prep and realized how antiquated the industry was: giant test prep manuals filled with mass amounts of overwhelming and boring text, test prep companies that insisted you wear business casual attire and cover up tattoos to work with teenagers. The industry needed a reboot for the current generation of increasingly busy and mobile teens.


Lauren had also been working with a student whose school and sports schedule was especially intense (which is often the norm these days). Hours of homework a week simply wasn’t an option for this student, so she started texting her questions each day. And it worked! 2-3 minutes of work every single day was far more manageable and actually assisted with comprehension, rather than doing hours of mind-numbing work at once. And the Daily Text was born!