What is Wetherbee's Unofficial ?


Wetherbee’s Unofficial is a new brand of modern test prep products designed for the 21st century student.




400 page, 5-lb prep manuals do more to terrify a student by sheer size than help.





Between a long school day and a dizzying array of extracurricular activities, students need products that align with their increasingly mobile and busy lifestyle.


What would an SNL sketch caricaturizing our current generation of teenagers include?







So why not meet them where they are?




Our Daily Text Solution

1. Engages directly with students through their mobile phones, delivering a text message a day with targeted questions and associated video solutions from the ACT and SAT.

2. Works adaptively, ensuring students are getting increasingly difficult questions if, and only if, they have mastered a concept.


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Why Does This Work?

Have you ever witnessed a student hear the ding of their text message notification going off and squirm if they couldn’t immediately read it and respond? It’s hilarious!

Students compulsively respond to text messages, even if they’re educational. So we created a test prep product that caters to this compulsion, while being educational. Question-a-day apps are only useful if a student logs into the app.

By delivering questions and video solutions directly to their phones, Wetherbee’s Unofficial meets them where they are and ensure they are getting a little bit of prep in every day.



Why Only a Question a Day?

Did you know . . .

The ACT and SAT come down to less than 20 grammar concepts and less than 30 math concepts on any given test?

95% of these concepts, except for a handful of math concepts, students have already learned throughout middle school and high school?

A great deal of prepping for these tests simply entails remembering old concepts.

With a question a day, students can easily master these concepts, rather than spending hours a week cramming right before the test.